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Content Summary

The CrosshairAssembler/CrosshairImplementation folder contains files for Crosshair Assembler’s internal implementation. From the users’ point of view, the main use of these files would be feature extension of Crosshair Assembler. For example, as a simple extension, users can change the default values of predefined layers, by changing the default values of variables in the corresponding layer blueprints. Users can also duplicate a layer and change its behavior to define a new custom predefined layer.

The BPFL_Crosshair contains GetCrosshairBaseScreenResolution function that defines the base screen resolution for crosshair design. The default value is 1280×720, which should be changed for a different base design resolution.

Basic users who just want to use the given functionalities of Crosshair Assembler may not need to concern most contents in this folder.


Path Description
CrosshairImplementation/Blueprints Blueprint classes for Crosshair Assembler internal implementation
CrosshairImplementation/Materials Materials for Crosshair Assembler internal implementation
CrosshairImplementation/Textures  Textures for Crosshair Assembler internal implementation
CrosshairImplementation/UMG/CrosshairBaseClasses Contains the base class for all crosshair widgets
CrosshairImplementation/UMG/CrosshairDebugger Contains a debugging widget
CrosshairImplementation/UMG/CrosshairLayerBaseClasses Base classes for crosshair layers
CrosshairImplementation/UMG/CrosshairLayers Predefined crosshair layers

Important Files

File description
Base class for crosshairs
Root base class for layers

Base class for circular shape layers

Base class for polygonal shape layers

Base class for rectangular shape layers

Predefined shape layer – Center Circle

Predefined shape layer – Center Circle

Predefined shape layer – Center Circle

Predefined shape layer – Surround Arcs

Predefined shape layer – Surround Circles

Predefined shape layer – Surround Circular Sectors

Predefined shape layer – Surround Lines

Predefined shape layer – Surround Polygons

Predefined shape layer – Surround Textures
Predefined shape layer – Scope

Material for circular shapes

Material for polygonal shapes

Material for rectangular shapes
Library of blueprint functions to implement crosshair
Widget blueprint for debugging Crosshair Assembler


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