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Key Features

  • Standard UMG-based WYSIWYG design system
  • Resolution-free vector-based shapes (circle, arc, regular polygon, line, rectangle, etc.)
  • Vector-based perfect anti-aliasing (almost no cost and adjustable anti-aliasing amount )
  • Layered crosshair design (simple, fast, easy, and scalable)
  • Unlimited numbers of layers (i.e., unlimited variation and complexity)
  • Intuitive predefined shape layers
  • Actor-based crosshair management system
  • Dynamic recoil response of crosshairs
  • Perfect automatic handling of resolution change
  • 300+ samples
  • Support custom predefined layers
  • Support blueprint addition for custom actions
  • [advanced] Support extension of layers by blueprints
  • [advanced] Support customized actions (or animations) of layers
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