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Making a crosshair with Crosshair Assembler is an easy, intuitive, and even fun process. Making crosshair with Crosshair Assembler is simply done by just opening a crosshair widget, putting some shape layers, and changing several parameters. All the process is on top of the standard UMG design system, which is WYSIWYG. The number of layers is unlimited, so the complexity is unlimited. The diverse shapes except textures drawn by layers are vector-based, so the quality is highly solid and resolution-free.

Crosshair Assembler provides 10 carefully-chosen predefined shape layers: single circle, single polygon, single texture, surround circles, surround polygons, surround textures, surround lines, surround arcs, surround circular sectors, and scope. Each layer has a small set of intuitive parameters to define a simple shape, which is combined with other layers’ shapes to compose any crosshairs that you can imagine. The layers are just widget blueprints which can be further extended easily. We believe the proposed layer-based crosshair design is truly easy and extremely powerful.

Crosshair Assembler also supports dynamic size or gap of crosshairs. The properties for dynamic change can be adjusted for each layer. They can be simply turned on or off, and the response amount can also be adjusted.

The pack also supports automatic handling of diverse screen resolutions. Crosshair size, shape transformation, and animation work regardless of the resolution change.

The performance of the crosshair is almost fully optimized. The computational cost of each layer (even anti-aliasing) is very light, so Crosshair Assembler’s users almost do not need to concern the performance.

This pack offers 300+ (230 basic, 70 advanced, and 17 scope) crosshair samples.

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