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Step 3: Applying cel shading to the character

We will now apply cel shading materials to the character.


We can see the figure girl has eight visible elements (element 5 is transparent), by selecting the figure girl, each of which has its material with a texture


To apply cel shading, we will make new materials (actually, material instances) for those elements and replace the original materials. We make a new folder Materials below our Content folder and add a material instance.


We renamed the new material instance to MI_figure_girl_body_cel to replace M_figure_girl_body_org. Then, we make it inherit from M_CRP_Body.


Then, we change the Diffuse Base Texture to the texture of the original body material, which is, figuregirl_body.


After saving it, we replace the original M_figure_girl_body_org in the Element 1 of the figure girl character by the new cel shading material instance MI_figure_girl_body_cel. Then, we can see the shirt of the character has cel shading look.


We create six more body cel  shading material instances by duplicating the MI_figure_girl_body_cel and change their textures. Then, we assign them to the corresponding material element slots.


We also add a new material instance MI_figure_girl_hair_cel for the hair, and changed its parent to M_CRP_hair. Then we assigned it to the Element 0, the hair material slot.




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