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All platform outline pack (APOP) is a material + blueprint pack to enable drawing outlines of static and skeletal meshes on all UE4-supported platforms (mobile, desktop, VR, console, etc).



The implementation does not use post-processing but automatically duplicates and appropriately enlarges the given mesh to draw its outline. This is a traditional offset-based outline drawing, which unfortunately has several difficulties to be implemented in UE4. This pack solved those technical issues and provides a simple workflow to draw outlines of objects, which is just simply adding a provided actor component blueprint to a mesh. Truly, that is all that users need to know to draw outlines whatever their platform is. Our implementation also supports line width, color and opacity customization, which can be done by changing material in the actor component’s line material slot.

Currently the outlines are only drawn in the play mode. It remains our future work to see the outlines in the editor, which may require some new functionalities of blueprint actor components.


Key features of this pack includes:

  • all platform support (i.e., iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, Consoles, and VR devices)
  • no need to generate normal-inverted meshes by yourself
  • no need to manually duplicate a mesh and handle it in the scene
  • two types of line-width control (screen-space and world-space)
  • support all types of classes that contain static and/or skeletal meshes
  • fully customizable line width, color, and opacity
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