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Key Features

Customizable Body Cel Shading

  • Cel Boundary Location
  • Cel Boundary Smoothness
  • Cel Brightness
  • Cel Diffuse Tint Colors
  • Per-character Custom Lighting
  • Auxiliary Lights for Cel Boundary Shape Control
  • Specular Highlight Size
  • Specular Highlight Smoothness
  • Specular Highlight Brightness
  • Specular Hightlight Tint Color
  • Map support (Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Glow, AO maps)

Customizable Hair Cel Shading

  • Hair Cel Boundary Location
  • Hair Cel Boundary Smoothness
  • Hair Cel Brightness
  • Hair Cel Diffuse Tint Colors
  • Hair Cel Diffuse Geometry Weight
  • Hair Cel Specular Highlight Location
  • Hair Cel Specular Highlight Size
  • Hair Cel Specular Highlight Smoothness
  • Hair Cel Specular Highlight Brightness
  • Hair Cel Specular Highlight Tint Color
  • Map support (Diffuse, Specular maps)

High-Quality Post Process Line Drawing

  • Silhouettes and Creases
  • Sub-pixel Lines
  • Line Width
  • Line Threshold (Detect more/less lines)
  • Line Color
  • Line Blending
  • Depth Adaptation

Offset-based Line Drawing (All Platform Outline Pack)

  • Silhouettes
  • No Post-process
  • Sub-pixel Lines
  • World-space/Screen-space Lines
  • Line Width
  • Line Color
  • Per-actor control of width and color
  • Mobile-friendly


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